Access Maps and Information for Neighborhood Planning

Solo Kota Kita provides tools to residents in Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia for the annual participatory budgeting process – known locally as musrenbang. The maps and “mini atlases” available on this website profile information about every neighborhood in Solo. These tools can be used to understand the urban issues facing residents related to education, poverty, health, and other indicators. learn more ->

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Message from the Mayor

City Hall, Solo – 27 September 2010

Why do you think it is important for people in Solo to be able to access information about their neighborhood?

Mayor Jokowi: I think community data should be accessible not just to city government, but to residents, who also need to know what is going on in their RT and neighborhood. During musrenbang, people can use data to understand the real conditions in their neighborhoods. What they propose in musrenbang should be based on real needs and actual conditions – not just speculation. Information is absolutely important.
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What is musrenbang?

The word musrenbang is an abbreviation of two words in Bahasa Indonesia. It combines musyawarah – “community discussion” – with perencanaan pembangunan – “development planning.” The origin of musyawarah is an Arabic word describing how neighbors come together to peacefully resolve conflicts and discuss community issues. Musrenbang therefore refers to the process of community discussion about local development needs.
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Students and Volunteerism

Design students have played an important role in Solo Kota Kita since the beginning of the initiative – from gathering data to making the drawings in the mini atlases. Here’s what a few of the dozens of students who have been involved have to say about the role of volunteering in their design education.
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