Bima Pratama Putra

Universitas Sebelas Maret

Solo Kota Kita is a project which aims at giving information about Solo to residents of the city. It was my first experience working on an urban planning project – doing analysis, making figure ground maps, using Geographic Information Systems, and thinking about the urban scale were all new to me since I’m an architecture student concerned with small scale design.

These new experiences are useful for my study of architecture – I realized architecture is not merely about small scale design, but it can be more fun and creative when we consider the urban scale. In my campus design studio, for example, I applied the methods I learned from Solo Kota Kita and the result was better.

Just as importantly, Solo Kota Kita increased my knowledge about Solo. I learned the many cultures and languages that are shared among the Solo Kota Kita team. Moreover, I hadn’t worked with neighborhood communities before. My work with the team and in the neighborhoods has brought me to the conclusion that architecture must not be separated from its social context – architecture is from people and for people.