About these Tools

The maps and information on this website are tools residents can use for neighborhood planning. This section provides resources on the musrenbang process, interpreting urban data, and using the mini atlas.

Four Easy Things to Get Started with Neighborhood Planning

  1. Participate in gotong royong – All residents in Solo benefit from keeping the neighborhood safe and clean.
  2. Start a Facebook Page – Create a Facebook page for your neighborhood and link it to the Solo Kota Kita website. The Facebook page can be a place where residents go to get information about their neighborhood and stay connected with one another.
  3. Download a mini atlas from solokotakita.org – Print out a mini atlas, discuss it with your neighbors at home or post it at the Balai Kelurahan. Talk about what are assets and issues in your neighborhood.
  4. Attend a musrenbang meeting – Musrenbang meetings are where decisions about short-term investments in the neighborhood get made. Participating in musrenbang means you can make your voice heard in the planning process.

What is Musrenbang?

The word musrenbang is an abbreviation of two words in Bahasa Indonesia. It combines musyawarah – “community discussion” – with perencanaan pembangunan – “development planning.” The origin of musyawarah is an Arabic word describing how neighbors come together to peacefully resolve conflicts and discuss community issues. Musrenbang therefore refers to the process of community discussion about local development needs.
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Introduction to Solo…

What’s going on in Solo? This guide provides a brief introduction to Solo, its neighborhoods, and its urban systems. How does what happens in your neighborhood relate to life in the city as a whole? How does your neighborhood rank in comparison to other neighborhoods in Solo?

Download: English | Bahasa

Community Facilitation Guide

Our Community Facilitation Guide provides exercises to get started using the mini atlases for neighborhood planning.

Download guide: English | Bahasa