SKK 2013 Launch

Solo Kota Kita is pleased to announce the update of and our neighborhood planning database!

First of all, take a look around and you’ll find you can now view data for two different years within the website’s mapping tool. All of the data from our 2010 survey of Solo is still there – what’s new is updated data for the year 2012.

Based on suggestions from residents and local government, we changed some of the indicators that we are collecting – so you may notice new categories of information such as percentage population of disabled persons, which was data residents said they needed to know for the musrenbang process.

The neighborhood pages have also been updated. The tables now feature 2012 data for both neighborhood and city as well as the percentage changes of the social and economic indicators between 2010 and 2012. Having this updated database means that not only can you compare neighborhood indicators to the city as a whole, but you can now track how neighborhoods have changed over the last few years. Later this year, we will also be posting a new batch of mini atlases.

Another exciting thing about this new data is how Solo Kota Kita collected it.

When we first started in 2009, we used paper surveys that we took into the field to have neighborhood managers fill out. Then we inputed this data by hand into the database. Since then, the team developed an SMS tool that allows neighborhood managers to submit the data via their mobile phones directly into the database. Of course, this saves us a lot of time in the field as well as a lot of paper.

Around the world, mobile phone technology is being utilized for a variety of purposes – from managing local water systems to implementing post-disaster cash-for-work programs. We are excited to test the potential of SMS technology to support participatory budgeting in Indonesia and we look forward to hearing about what you discover on the updated!

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