Until the End of the River

By Bima Pratama

Solo has four main river connections: Bengawan Solo, Kali Anyar, Kali Pepe and Kali Jenes. These rivers have a long history of contribution toward city development from colonial era up till now. Along with the growth of the city, the river has changed significantly both physical structure and social-environmental function.

Population growth from time to time has given impact to the river and its surrounding. Development creates denser environment and forces people to move up to “end of border.” New residential areas grow very fast and seem uncontrollable reaching area in river banks, slowly but sure the river suffers from environmental degradation.
Different types of housing along the river can be seen in Solo, this is due to different location and condition of the rivers.

2 Responses to Until the End of the River

  1. Arif Wibowo says:

    Slum area is one of the problem arround the river in the city…., as a solution make some design project such as kalicodhe. We can empower the community trough improve the sattlement, river ecological environment, and the socio-economic condition….,
    The Solo Kota Kita is one of the axample that is done by the students,government and and NGOs as the solution to make a better city….,

  2. bima says:

    Kali Codhe is a good example for settlement in the river edge, but each of the river edges has different character and context, we can see from location, condition, and other relevent factors, an interesting phenomenom would be found in the river edge. May be we will find our own term for phenomenon that we see, such as the houses that stick to other building in the river edge, we called “gecko house”. let’s know more our city to make a better city.

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